Our story

Model wearing an ENSO wearable air purifier


As the CEO of an industry-leading appliance company, Esther had always been interested in new products that could re-imagine 21st century clean living.

When she first looked at the personal air purifier market and found nothing that was truly wearable – that is, fashionable as well as practical – developing her own was not on her mind. 

But, encouraged by her own design and engineering teams, and friends in the fashion industry, a new product idea began to materialize. After all, clean living begins with clean air.

A new beginning

Thus ENSO was founded, and the ePurifier was born. At last, here is a product in its category that understood the newest demands of living in the city, and one that you would actually want to wear as well.

The future

Based in Hong Kong, ENSO is working on the next product that you didn't even know you wanted.